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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> it has been one week since the tragedy of sandy hook elementary school in new town conn. this morning the nation will mourn those victims with a moment of silence. and we will hear >> we will hear from the national rifle association for the first time since the shooting. also with the fiscal cliff we will hear with house speaker john boehner. >> and at the another big story is the weather and the rain. the north and san rosa is getting some pretty good rain. it is moving into san
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revell in san francisco. everyone will be getting wet. let's start our team coverage with jackie sissel who is live on the richmond san revell bridge this morning. you may already feel the wind >> i'm tempting fate out here. i have not put the rain cover on the camera. i am on the richmond stammer fell bridge and you can see the flag being blown around out here. there has not been a wind advisory issued year but there is what kind of bay area are wide right now. you can almost feel rain in the air right now. it feels like it is really close to letting loose out here. it doesn't rise as i got out here this morning but it looks like it is getting close.
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>> it has mainly been sticking in the north bay. you could see all the communities north of the golden gate bridge. when heavy rain is expected to hit portions of the north bay it looks like there are fell in the have a yellow of a scramble pushed around right around 613. brace yourselves, heavy rain is coming in the next 10 minutes or so. piquancy light rain for 1 01 stretching down from nevado. we are picking up some heavy rain along north bay coast lines. checking to see what rate fault rates. two-thirds of an inch per hour in some spots and up to 1/2 inch and others. it depends on where
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you are located. all eyes and falling and napa counties and sonoma since overnight. it looks like a lot of the moisture is still sitting off shore and will make a beeline for the rest of the bay area coming up shortly. rain will continue to push its way south as we head into mid morning. later this afternoon the rate will turn to showers and temperatures will be sitting in the '50s. later tonight this showers will start to taper off and we have delays of up to four hours on arriving and departing flights according to the faa. at the bay bridge we are getting >> a portrait of the holiday traffic we can expect next week. light traffic at the
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bay bridge toll plaza. on interstate 580 and highway 4 it lighter than usual drive times. 22 minutes for the drive to the all the mob has westbound. coming down the 2 05 to the dublin interchange. all is well for the south bay, peninsula and north bay rights. >> this is the san francisco international airport parking lot. the crowds have been growing steadily throughout the morning. today will be one of the busiest travel days of the year for s f o. mike pelton is monitoring the situation out there. no rain yet but have the delays are restarted to read this area? >> the faa has already announced for our delays for some of arriving flights at s f o. i talk to the duty manager and he says they're keeping an eye on the weather in san francisco. they may have to but the
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ground like cover on into effect. if you are flying today you will want to check your flight status before leaving the house. lots of people are expected to fly today about a hundred and 30,000 people are expected to travel passed through sfo today. many are mom and are going home and are excited to take a week off of work. >> being on the beach with my whole family and having a good time with the whole family together for the holidays. >> if you are traveling for the holidays here are some travel tips; do not read any gifts -- wraps if you're traveling with a snow global put it in your carry-on bag because is liquid. the travel the rise will be just
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a reminder check the flies that is before coming to the airport. >> san jose police are investigating the city's 40 thin homicide of the year. officers responded to the 1600 block of oakland road around 3:00 this morning to a male who had been stabbed. when they officers arrived they found the victim with at least one stab wound. he was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. the suspects have been identified or arrested at this time. >> today the governor about conn has landed after a moment of silence for the victims of the new town shooting. the bells of new town will ring 26 times, for each child a staff member killed. it is scheduled for 630 our time. president obama will observe a private moment of silence at the white house. we are looking
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at within the half hour we will bring it to you live. >> we also hear from the national rifle association. they are returning to the spotlight when we get to the conn shooting. the nation's largest gun rights lobby plans to address reporters and critics on the more it up this morning. the nra has largely kept out of sight since last week's shooting, taking down its facebook page and silencing itself on twitter. the press conferences scheduled for 745 our time and we will carry it for you live here on kron4 morning news. the latest on the fiscal cliff talks house of representatives fails to even the boat on a plan to keep taxes from rising on most americans come january 1st. it looks like it's out to the senate. house speaker died later conceded last night of the measure did not have submitted sufficient support from republicans to pass his so-called planned
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b. with the republican caucus on able to come together and the house and appears more likely that we are in fact going over the fiscal cliff and wall street with a sour reaction to the news. we will have more on that and a few moments. we'll be back as a kron4 morning news continues.
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>> keeping a close eye on wall street right now wall
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street is focusing on washington. house speaker john maynard could be garnering support to promote his plan for tax breaks for wealthier americans. there are concerns that the republican caucus will be able to come together to pass any kind of deal right now for the fiscal cliff. with that dow futures are tumbling in their off 182 points right now. consumer spending is out 0.4% personal income is also up 0.6%. wall street's entire focus is this impending fiscal cliff. we could see a very sharp drop on wall street when the markets opened 20 minutes from now. >> chevron is moving up to 800 jobs of the bay area to taxes over the next two years. most of the jobs are technical positions and information in advance energy technology. chevron's
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headquarters was to be based in san ramon were about 3500 people work. in recent years the company has been focusing on oil exploration and production and higher petroleum prices have made pumping and selling oil far more profitable than refining it into gasoline. >> california's utility regulators and decided to allow these you need to pass on part of the cost of the pipeline upgrades to use their customers. the utility company was ordered to improve the safety of its natural-gas pipeline system following the mass of 22010 explosion in san bruno which destroyed an entire neighborhood and left eight people dead. now with the state approval pg&e customers will pay more than half of the cost of the $2.2 billion upgrade. this translates to about a dollar more per month on your utility bill. many civic leaders are outraged by the ctc decision.
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>> let's take a peek as you had to work or school. let's see, pleasanton right now is 50 degrees that is warmer than the last couple of days. we are looking for a high of 54 but the problem is no sunshine. we will be right back.
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>> keeping our eye on the
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weather and the bay area and the midwest where they had the big snowstorm. this storm is blamed for five but that's and five states. it is moving across the great lakes no after dumping more than a foot of snow and prompting airlines to cancel more than a thousand flights. about 250 flights canceled at o'hare and midway international airports. officials say more than 350 flights were canceled at all here and more than zero hundred and 50 at midway. southwest airlines is anticipating normal operations this morning in chicago. united airlines also plans a full schedule. and take a look at this video out of iowa. what conditions and high winds.
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you can see the snow blowing everywhere. the blinding snow is being blamed for a 30 car pileup on interstate 35 near fort dodge iowa that killed two people. >> satellite and radar showing a lot of activity left over currently in the midwest. the purple on the screen and a case where we are seeing some snow. the yellow and green indicates where we are seeing rain. we of art is seen several instances of flight cancellations. chicago illinois has a lot of snow. it's not really a big factor though it is the high winds that have been up to 60 mi. an hour. it looks like madison wisconsin has received upwards of 19 in. of snow just recently. parts of iowa of the region dealing with a blizzard like conditions there. whiteout conditions have been described out on a freeway. we've also seen instances of power outages and a lot of that active weather will subside as we head into the weekend. that is something
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we will continue to moderate in the bay area. storm tracker 4 is still tracking rain north of the golden gate bridge. zooming and you can see heavier rain in novato indicated by the yellow. taking it down to street view a lot of the surface streets are impacted as well. it looks like a redwood boulevard as well. it just depends on relocated. a lot of the wet weather continues to push its way east. taking a look at the wider view on satellite and radar cloud conditions associated with this act of whether. future cast four is shows at the peak of the commute we will have heavier rain develop and it will pick up in intensity later on today. the good news is the rate will turn to showers and start to take her off as we head into the evening hours.
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storm no. 2 will grow rolled through overnight and into saturday morning. current temperature is 53 for vallejo 54 out the door in oakland. it is a warmer start to the morning however we do have rain and high winds to deal with. 7 day around the bay extended forecast shows rain will continue through at least sunday. tuesday, christmas they should be dry with temperatures in the '50s. 6:19 a.m. and here is traffic with george. >> looking at a great ride easier. if you have to drive this morning you will be enjoying a really easy commute. the bay bridge has light traffic and the meeting lights have not been activated for the westbound ride. the east shore freeway commute is 12 minutes from hercules the berkeley. seven day of raids in 11 minutes drive time. again, light traffic even in the westbound direction. the golden gate bridge 1 01
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southbound is a very easy trip across the span and through the county on highway 1 01. traffic maps with green showing up on all the roadway sensors. westbound 24 no slowing even at the caldecott tunnel. highway 580 drive, lookit that there is no yellow showing on the map between the all the love pass in the dublin interchange. it is a 22 minute drive time. 70 minutes out of the coyote valley and out toward santa clara we are under 25 minutes for the ride from about heading south toward the golden gate bridge has not even begun to slow yet. >> we're learning from the santa clara sheriff's office there is still searching for the gunman that fired on be marine recruiters car as he was driving on highway 85
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in cupertino. police shut down highway 85 to collect evidence, backing up traffic as you can see in this video. the car was shot most of times with the marine was not hurt. the bees have determined the list of the side of the driver's side of a car and sadder to rear windows on the passenger side. no arrests have been made. >> concord is is carrying a is experiencing a spike in burglaries this holiday season. in the past week 19 burglaries have been reported. nine of those happening at homes. zaid al- jamal has lived in concord for more than 16 years and on tuesday his home was back burglarize the first time. he and his wife place awareness letters in his neighbor's mailbox is telling them someone broke the their bathroom window in broad daylight and stole valuable jewelry inside.
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>> get a safety deposit box, that is the best thing you can do. >> it was nice of the guy to lead the neighbors know. that way the word it's out of the neighborhood. the concord police say burglaries' tend to rise during the holiday time and they tell residents to take security measures before leaving their home. turn on lights and make sure you locked the doors. >> a by let sex offender has been released from prison and is now on the streets of san francisco. the 83 year- old david simons city after his release from prison this month. he was serving 24 years for sexually assaulting children. police say it is their responsibility to alert the community. he now lives at 8 at a hotel potter south of market. inspectors visited his new home and handed out leaflets to people living in the building alerting them of their new neighbor. by
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lot simons is no longer on probation or parole but if he does move from its current location he must notify police. a live look from the richmond stammer feeight san ral toll plaza. we will be right back.
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>> the dow was down almost 200 points right now with no sign of a deal in washington on the fiscal cliff. also the latest in new town conn and we're just minutes away from a national moment of silence to honor the victims were shot and killed in last week's school massacre. we'll be back in two minutes as the kron4 morning news continues.
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>> very close to a moment of silence being held in conn and around the nation to honor the 20 young children who were killed at sandy hook elementary school in new town conn. also these six school employees who lost their lives last friday at this time. this moment of >> this moment of silence is being recognized nationwide. president obama will be observing the way, a silence and the white house. also
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manwe see the doors opening. this might be city hall in new town. let's listen in as this moment of silence gets under way.
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(silence) (bell ringing)
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>> that completes the moment of silence. they began tolling more bells just to mark this horrible, horrible tragedy that happened last friday. life is trying to get back to normal but it is far from. >> they are still doing funerals. there have been
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several each day this week. the city continues to rio. they are still in shock. >> they are continuing to ring the bells even though there was already a moment of silence. now looking at this moving shot of the flag and some of the people lined up on the streets. >> you may notice throughout the day during the date of your on-line a number of web sites will be featuring a green ribbon. that is the symbol that they have selected as a sign of solidary. there is a fund
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that doesn't set up for the community, a lot of burials still need to be done here. a lot of people still trying to deal with what has happened. >> as we look at these live shots, let's just say on this a little bit longer. (silence)
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(bell ringing)
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>> benjamin wheeler age 6 allison why it aged 6 -- wyatt
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>> again knew just what is the moment of silence being held in conn and around the nation. we take a moment to reflect on the lives lost one week ago to get day and a shooting at sandy hook elementary. we will be right back.
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>> wanted a big drop on wall street but not nearly as bad as it could have been. the big drop comes after house republican called off a vote on tax breaks. that left federal budget talks in
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disarray 10 daisy for sweeping tax increases in government spending cuts could take effect. the dow jones industrial average is down 116 points at 13,195. the standard and poor's 500 index is off 13 points at 1430. the nasdaq composite index is down 54 at 2996. the fiscal cliff talks seem to be going nowhere right now and washington. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news more add lines and a complete check on weather and traffic. here is the san mateo bridge, the volume is picking up a little bit. so far is dry but rain is on the way. is it warm-up to the mid fifties later on this afternoon.
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shootings at sandy hook elementary school killed 20 little children and six employees. we're looking live at the town hall and a small town of new town where they just marked a moment of silence and run a bell for each of those of victims. this comes as the nra plans today to address reporters and critics this morning for the first time speaking publicly since that massacre. travelers in the midwest are trying to dig out and work around this storm and a lot are trying to head out for the holidays and get out of this right. lying snow would making visibility next to nothing at times. s f of the ripple effect is sfo is expecting the heaviest travel day of the season today. they're expecting any
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delays or cancellations we will keep you posted on that. chicago has been hard hit airport. they say will be back to normal today but we will keep an eye on that for you as well as a commute in the weather locally in the bay area. our camera is shaking so it is windy in san jose. traffic looks good, very light right now. let's check in with erica >> we are seeing right in portions of the east bay right now. napa and sonoma counties can see exactly which direction the rain is currently moving. you can see all of the wet weather down towards san revell to richmond said revell bridge. it last until about mid span. also the rain currently on the east shore freeway. taking a look at rainfall rates you can see some spots up to three
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tenths of an inch per hour. that seems to be the case and in novato there is a half inch of rain. we have a lot of wet weather on the way and heavier rain and especially in richmond and pinole. it looks like. richmond 659 expecting some heavy rain and use your windshield wipers. belts of bronze adl on your screen is headed your way right around 7:09 a.m.. heavier rain after 1 0130 interchange especially when you drive we see instances of flooding. all the wet weather in sonoma and napa counties. whiter before you on satellite and radar there is a lot of cloud cover
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associated with this system. the majority of the bay area is dry for now but it will not stay that way. this is a slow-moving system but it is carrying a lot of some of the rain with it. and to the 7:00 hour this is pretty much what models are selling right now more rain for oakland stretching into alameda. later this afternoon the rain will grow in intensity. a lot of yellow and orange on your screen but it will taper off as we head into tonight. storm no. 2 rolls through the overnight hours and need to see heavy rain for just about everyone waking up saturday morning. temperatures, 53 of the board's efforts to discuss upper '40's and allow. this is the instability in the atmosphere thunderstorms are a possibility for saturn and. the rain will not start saturday night and expect rain throughout the course of the day and steady heavy rain. when this is all
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said and done some totals four to 6 in. for the north bay a little more and the mountains. monday you could see more rain as you wake up in the morning and it looks like it will be dry and just in time for christmas day. 60 1:00 a.m. here is traffic with george. >> boy, what traffic is the question? it is 6:22 a.m. this morning they turn on lights with it may be turned off afte them in a drive time from the east shore freeway and 11 minutes from highway 24. that is as good as it gets for the highway. san mateo bridge has light traffic but a wind advisory has been added. an updated wind advisory for the bay bridge
6:53 am
as well as the san mateo bridge. jackie sissel stated even though it is not a an official with the advisory is to win the at the richmond said revell bridge. east shore freeway is still only a 12 minute commute time from hercules the berkeley and only 19 minutes for the livermore valley commute coming through the also not pass. there is no slowing in the westbound direction. sensors are all showing green. only a little slowing here between 688841 01 northbound. other than that the south bay freeways look great and the 1 01 north bay ride is a little slow past locust valley road from hamilton but other than that no delays. drive times are well under 30 minutes and the commute from about to the golden gate bridge.
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>> watching wall street we're expecting a big draw. the dow was down right now won 13. this is after the house of representatives could not come together to put a vote together for plan b. hopes arguing to fade right now for a deal in washington. >> instagram has a bad word in its new terms and service agreed that sparked a pretty loud outcry from the users concerned that it could use
6:55 am
their photos and advertisement. the popular model mobile phone sharing device says it has reverted to language in the advertising section of its terms of service that of year when it was launched in october 2010. instagram is now owned by facebook and maintains it would like to experiment with different forms of advertising to make money. and above those says it will ask users permission to enter this possible add products only after they are fully developed. >> there is president bill clinton and we are looking at other dignitaries this morning. they are all gathered to mark the week since the new town school shooting that killed 20 children and six employees. earlier today at 630 a m. there was a nationwide moment of silence and the ringing of bells. the
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ceremonies are wrapping up in washington d.c. as well as new town.
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>> rain is coming down in the north bay and is beginning to approach the peninsula. full forecast in a minute.